About Space For Change

Hi Folks! My name is Miriam O’Connell and I set up Space For Change in early 2011. I help people improve their organisations through engaging their people and encouraging them to bring out the best of themselves in service of creating a better future for themselves. I have over 25 years business experience, 19 of those years working in IT in the Banking and Pharmaceutical industries and 5 years working as an internal organisational development consultant in a pharmaceutical company. In 2010 I received my masters in Organisational Consultancy from Ashridge Business College in the UK. This, combined with my 25 years business experience as well as I won’t say how many years life experience has led me to the belief that given the right space or environment, the right inspiration and encouragement and the right vision and leadership, people can achieve the most amazing things in the most amazing ways. I am dedicated to playing my part, however small, in helping organisations make sure that they are the type of spaces that encourage creativity, risk taking, team work, leadership, “going the extra mile”, fun, diversity and good human relationships and in doing so achieving sustainable success which will act as an example for all. I am lucky to live in a beautiful little spot in County Cork in Ireland called Kinsale and just as lucky to come from another beautiful spot, Kenmare in County Kerry.


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